Our Story


Our slogan Buzz with the Beez sums up exactly what we do… making a huge buzz about brands and organisations through authentic influencers like you (we like to call you Womerz).  
You become advocates of the brands and organisations you love, spreading messages and making a huge trusted impact in your digital communities. And you don’t need to have thousands of followers to do so.


Shaping the future

Our 20+ years’ experience working with international brands led our investment in researching, developing and designing Womerz™ platform to shape the next phase of authentic influencer marketing.  


Brands are looking to invest in their brand lovers from the mass audience to lead the conversation on social networks, allowing them to benefit from sharing their experience, brand story and messages.


Developed by Sanabil Digital, our innovative technology and smart algorithms help brands identify the right influencers and run product or conversation campaigns that guarantee results.


Words of trust

It’s true that people trust people, which is why Womerz™ optimises the wisdom of one of the oldest and most trusted forms of communication, word of mouth.  
Womerz™ is a friendly and easy-to-use platform that connects authentic influencers just like you with big brands, little brands, charities and organisations to create conversations and share truths across all social networks.



Our Values



Leading authentic conversations and challenging the conventional. 


Creating trusted communities that spread goodness across the globe. 


Starting significant movement for brands and organisations that share the same values. 


Having shared goals, and relying on trusted, authentic partnerships.